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Vert Team Surfers
Sam Hammer Surfer

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"The environment is important to me because it supplies everything we need in life to live. We live in a beautiful world and we shouldn't destroy it."

Thomas Petriken Surfer

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Bryan Zinski Surfer

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"The environment is everything to me. It's a great opportunity for me to teach younger generations how to care for our beaches with our surf camp 'Summer Love'."

Jason Bitzer Bodyboarder

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"Vert is an easy movement for me to get behind. I live, work and play at the beach and the last thing I want to see in the water or on the beach is plastic. We can all do out part to keep the beaches clean and Vert makes it easy for anyone to make that first step."

Sammy Morrentino Bodyboarder

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"Leave the ocean how you found it and much aloha to my friends and family on Kauai for supporting me all these years."

Emma Jandel Golf LPGA tour

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Kirsten Flower WTAtour Tennis

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