Vert It's Not a Bottle It's A Lifestyle

Vert Team Memeber Bryan Zinski

How long have you been surfing?
20 years

What is your GO TO Board?
6'2, 18.5, 2.25 rounded pin, 21-13 Surfboards.

What is your GO TO surf spot?
Pav Ave, Long Branch, NJ

What is your favorite maneuver?
Frontside layback

When not surfing, what do you do?
Golfing, Art, Snowboarding, Drinking cold beers with friends.

Favorite spot to eat?
Mad Hatter Pizza

Blonde or Brunette?

What celebrity would you date?
Sloan Entourage

Have you encounter plastic trash and litter on the beaches that you surf?
I always run into trash on the beach. Especially plastic bottles.

Why is the environment important to you?
The environment is everything to me. Its a great opportunity for me to teach younger generations how to care for our beaches with our surf camp "Summa Love"

Why did you join the Vert Effect?
Vert Effect has the understanding of how important it is for us to keep our oceans, beaches and waters clean from pollutants.

Where do you use your Vert bottle?
I use Vert bottles at surf camp, golfing and all training aspects for surfing.

Any last words?
I feel fortunate to be able to live life doing something I love with being the founder of "Summa Love" as well as being able to teach and lead the next generation of surfers in Monmouth County, NJ.

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