Vert It's Not a Bottle It's A Lifestyle

Vert Team Member Sammy Morrentino

How long have you been surfing?
11 years

What is your GO TO Board?
Science McCarthy  39"


What is your GO TO surf spot?

What is your favorite maneuver?
Reverse Air

What is your favorite place to surf?
Brenecke's on Kauai

Have you encounter plastic trash and litter on the beaches that you surf?

Why is the environment important to you?
Because we live off the environment

Why did you join the Vert Effect?
To encourage people to use the Vert bottles and to help keep our ocean clean!

What color Vert bottle are you rockin?
Black and white bottle

Where do you use your Vert bottle?
At school and when I go Bodyboarding

How stoked are you to be a part of the Vert Effect?
Super stoked the bottles are epic!

Any last words?
Leave the ocean how you found it and much aloha to my friends and family on Kauai for supporting me all these years.

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