Vert It's Not a Bottle It's A Lifestyle

How long have you been surfing?
My whole life!

What is your GO TO Board?
Anything that is 41.5 Poly Pro and 60/40 rails I can do well with

What is your GO TO surf spot?
Jenks, Pipe, Chopes, Super Suck

What is your favorite maneuver?
The Angry Dragon, it is not yet mastered but you will know it when you see it. Reverse roll to backflip from Jonah Romero

What is your favorite place to surf?
Jenks in the fall, to much fun

Favorite spot to eat?
La Mariachi , used to be Joses in New Jersey but I am an Island transplant now

Blonde or Brunette?
My wife is bruette with blonde highlights so I got both worlds on lock

What celebrity would you date?
Em none my wifes a star!

Have you encounter plastic trash and litter on the beaches that you surf?
Yes, I pick em up or snap at guys that leave there rubish on the beach when I lifeguard

Why is the environment important to you?
Its the only one we got, Protect the Aina!

Why did you join the Vert Effect?
Over plastic in general, we need to get off the petroleum tip asap and if you would see how much plastic is at the bottom of the ocean you would get sick!

What color Vert bottle are you rockin?
Waiting on my Neon green brown right now

Where do you use your Vert bottle?
Lifeguardings, surf trips and everyday usage

How stoked are you to be a part of the Vert Effect?
Good brand, good people good movement

Any last words?
Thanks to the boys at Vert for doing their part!!!!! 

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