Vert It's Not a Bottle It's A Lifestyle

+ BPA-Free

Concerns about the harmful chemical Biphesnol-A that is found in plastic bottles has been eliminated by Vert. Our bottles are made BPA-free so you can enjoy your drink without compromising your health.

+ 100% Stainless Steel

No plastic. No aluminum. No cheap knockoff materials. Our bottles are made with 100% high quality 18/8 grade stainless steel that won't corrode or rust.

+ Wide-Mouth

Customized for optimal drinkability, with plenty of room to drop in as much ice as desired.

+ Crush-Proof

Dropping your bottle is bound to happen. We've made our bottles rugged enough to withstand just about anything. So we got you covered, Butterfingers.

+ Lightweight Technology

You have enough to carry throughout your day. We don't want to add to that. We've found a way to optimize your hydration without the heavy load and frustration.

+ Mother Nature-Approved

Going green has never been easier. Our eco-friendly bottles will turn you from abuser to re-user.

+ Sleek Aerodynamic Design

Whether you're skating, surfing, boarding, hang gliding, base jumping, skydiving, or just strolling down the block, your Vert bottle will NOT slow you down. If you think otherwise, we say PROVE IT.

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